List of Governors:           Term of Office:
Chair:  Mrs S Potter 02/01/18 - 01/01/2022
Vice-Chair: Mr. J. Cope (Foundation Governor)
LA Governor: Mr B Sharif                                111/04/19 - 10/04/2023
Foundation Governors:  Mr. J. Cope 22/05/19 - 20/05/2023
                                             Revd. J. Long 19/12/18 - 18/12/2022
                                             Revd. M. Cansdale                         17/19/16 -  16/09/2020                       


                                              Rev. D. Barton

Amiri Agbai

02/01/18 - 01/01/2022

        02/07/19 - 01/07/2023

Parent Governors:              Mr. B. Aziz                                                                                 20/06/15 - 19/06/2019
Mrs A Rashid   13/03/18 - 12/03/2023

  Teacher Representative:
 Mrs. J Feeney                                                                    


 Clerk to Governors 

  Mrs Carney
  c/o Keighley St Andrew's CE (Aided) Primary School

Named Governors: (Area of responsibility)


Chair                                                    20/09/17 (for 1 year)        

Performance Management                   20/09/17

Health & Safety                                     20/09/17                                          

Briefings Representative                       20/09/17 

John Cope 

Vice-Chair                                             06/04/17 (for 1 year)

Safeguarding                                          20/09/17

LAC                                                         20/09/17

Child Protection                                       20/09/17

Briefings Representative                         20/09/17



Basharat Sharif

Maths                                                         20/09/17

Mike Cansdale                                                    

RE & Worship                                            20/09/17

Sarah Potter

English                                                      17/01/18

Barbara Carney

Clerk to Governors                                    11/07/09



Governors are elected as follows:

Teacher Governors by the staff of school

LEA Governors by the Local Authority

Parent Governors by the parents of school

Foundations Governors by the Church of England

Governors can also be co-opted.

Link Governors:

Foundation Stage - Shabana Hasan

Year One - 

Year Two - 

Year Three - Mike Cansdale

Year Four - Steve Morrell

Year Five - John Long

Year Six - Dale Barton


Please click on link   to view members of committees

Admissions Committee:  

To determine whether any child should be admitted to the school.

To approve, on behalf of the Governing Body, the School Admissions Policy and the Nursery Admissions Policy when the Policies require amendment or review for any reason.

Discipline & Grievance Committee and Appeals Committee: 

The function of the committee is to assist the Governing Body in fulfilling its legal responsibilities in ensuring that the school fully complies with regulations and school policy regarding pupil exclusions, staff discipline, grievance, dismissal and complaints.

Buildings and Finance Committee: 

  • To agree and recommend to the Governing Body a draft budget based on priorities in the school development plan, paying due regard to benchmarking data provided by Bradford Education.
  • To monitor the school budget on a regular basis.
  • To manage the budget in accordance with the principles set out in the Finance Policy and with due regard for Best Value.
  • To recommend to the full Governing Body the level of delegation to the Headteacher for the day-to-day financial management of the school.
  • To advise other committees and the Governing Body of the financial implications of matters they are considering.
  • To respond to any issues arising from the audit of the school’s accounts.
  • To agree an annual programme of repairs and maintenance.
  • To ensure the condition of the fabric of the building is monitored and to authorise maintenance work within the agreed budget provision.
  • To ensure that all statutory obligations of the governing body relating to buildings and finance (as outlined in ‘A Guide to The Law for School Governors’) are fulfilled.
  • To approve expenditure up to £35 000 each term, or a maximum of £50 000 at any one time, on non-recurring items.
  • To discuss any other matters that the committee considers relevant.

Pay/Personnel Committee:

To review the staffing establishment in relation to the school improvement plan whenever a vacancy occurs, and at least annually.

To make recommendations about the school staffing establishment to the governing body for school budget planning and other purposes.

To approve Whole School Pay Policy.

To determine in accordance with the school pay policy the level of salary for new appointments to all posts.

To advise the governing body on the level of governor involvement in the recruitment and selection of staff.  Any appointments panel to include the Headteacher or his or her representative.

To ensure all decisions about staff pay comply with national performance management regulations and the governing body’s “whole-school” pay policy.

To ensure that each member of staff has a clear job description and contract of employment.

To consider applications from staff for leave of absence outside any scheme adopted by the governing body, early retirement, or other matters not covered by school management arrangements or governing body policies.

To recommend and review the procedures for dealing with staff discipline and grievance and ensure all staff are informed of them.

To review the in-service training needs of all staff with the headteacher, and in relation to the school improvement plan, and to monitor how well these are being met.

To ensure that in regard to equal opportunities the requirements of legislation relating to gender, race and disability are met, and to consider matters relating to age.

To ensure that arrangements exist for the deployment of non-governing body employees at the school.

To review the salary of the Deputy Head and Assistant Head in line with national Performance Management regulations and the Governing Body’s Whole School Pay Policy.

To approve the:

Appraisal and Capability Policy

Part Time Working Policy

Staff Leave of Absence Policy

Managing Staff Attendance Policy

Recruitment and Selection Policy statement

Headteacher's Performance Review Committee: 

To arrange to meet with the External adviser to discuss the Headteacher’s performance targets.

To decide, with the support of the External adviser, whether the targets have been met and to set new targets annually.

To monitor, throughout the year, the performance of the Headteacher against the targets set.

To determine awards for the successful meeting of the targets set.

Named Governors:

  • To liaise with the appropriate member(s) of staff
  • To visit the school with the purpose of gathering information concerning their area of responsibility and to increase their knowledge of the School
  • To follow the school policy for Governors’ visits
  • To regularly report to the Governing Body on developments and progress within their area of responsibility
  • To raise the profile of the area of responsibility when related matters are considered by the Governing Body
  • To attend training as appropriate

Link Governors: 

  • To liaise with the appropriate member(s) of staff
  • To visit the school with the purpose of gathering information to support school self-evaluation and to increase their knowledge of the School
  • To follow the school policy for Governors’ visits
  • To regularly provide the Governing body with an evaluative report linked to key areas of the SEF (Link Governor Report – Prompt Sheet)


Please click here to see the Governing Body Development Plan 2017/18


Governing Body Vision


 Our vision for the school is that it will:


  • Have a forward looking, dynamic and supportive SLT who manage a team of talented and caring staff.


  • Continue to move forward and drive up standards in the classroom.


  • Provide a caring environment which nurtures the individuality of each child; accesses resources within the family and the community to promote positive growth, developing the full potential of each child.


  • Be a place where our Christian ethos and values are evidenced daily in the interactions between staff and 


As a Governing Body we will:


  • Be involved in setting the vision, values and objectives for the school and ensure financial probity.


  • Offer high quality challenge and support to the school’s leadership.


  • Have achieved a greater level of interest and involvement of parents, both in the life of the school generally and specifically with their children’s learning. 


  • Achieve a high level of commitment from each member of the governing body, to relevant training and to a shared responsibility for their work.