British Values


British Values

Here are some of the ways we, as a school, seek to promote British Values

  • Democracy – Our local MP and parliamentary candidate have visited school, been introduced to the children and questioned by our school council who are also elected to their positions.  Each week our children are ‘nominated and vote on who their ‘values champion’ will be.
  • Rule of law – School has ‘Golden Rules’ and a Behaviour Policy. Children are aware of the importance of following rules both in and out of school. Children are made aware that rules of law govern our land. Visits from the police, road safety teams, fire service reinforce and support children’s understanding about the significance of rule of law.


  • Individual Liberty – Children are given many opportunities to share ideas, listen to others and are encouraged to make safe and informed choices. One of our values is to ‘Value Yourself and Others’. Our curriculum educates children so that they can make choices safely.  We teach children and families about how to keep safe when using the internet,  provide a wide range of choice through our extra – curricular activities and the activities which our Lunchtime Play leaders provide.  Our behaviour policy encourages children to reflect on when times when negative or potentially unsafe choices have been made through ‘Think Sheets.’


  • Mutual Respect – This is promoted through worship times and the value of Valuing Others. Children are encouraged to respect each other at all times in school and is taught explicitly through our PHSCE curriculum. School is part of the Keighley Schools ‘Linking Communities’ partnership, enabling our children to learn through collaboration and extend their links within the Keighley Community.  Activities include: Forest Schools for families, Language College days, Team Building days, the Big Sing and watersports.


  • Tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs, cultures and lifestyles – The RE curriculum provides opportunities for children to learn about other faiths and visit places of worship. Children raise money for a number of charities that support people both locally and overseas.