Reading at home

Reading at home is a very important part of teaching children to read and growing children's love of books. 

The greatest gift you can give children is to read to them from a very early age …

  • You don’t have to be an expert.
  • There’s no magic in supporting children’s reading, just lots of patience, time and affection, plus a little skill.
  • Be an actor!
  • Look interested.
  • If it’s a frightening book, look scared.
  • If it’s funny, then laugh.
  • If it’s a mystery book, look puzzled.
  • Give the impression that you are happy as long as they are doing their best.
  • Always end on a ‘high note’.

For other tips about reading at home please see the attached booklets:

Helping your child read at home

Helping your EYFS child to read at home

Reading and writing activities you could do at home

It is very important that the work your child does at school is enriched by activities at home. All the children receive homework each week and topic homework for the half term, however there are also plenty of opportunities for you to enhance their learning at home through every day activities. 

Some ideas ...


Follow a recipe together making 

sure that your child is responsible

for reading the recipe accurately.Image result for recipe book

Ask your child to write an email to a relative

who lives abroad - they could do this regularly 

in a diary style.

Image result for email


When you have been out and about 

sit and write a poem with your child 

about your activity.

Image result for the word poem

Go to the shop and buy a magazine

or comic read these together and discuss 

what you have read.

Image result for magazine clipart

Write stores together at home - you could write 

about anything that inspires your child - link to 

events like bonfire night and Halloween. 

Image result for stories

Ask your child to help you write the 

shopping list for the week - make 

sure they do the writing!

Image result for shopping list

Ask older children to read a bedtime story

to their younger brothers and sisters - they

could do this regularly.

Image result for reading a story

Ask your children about the books they are

reading in school - be interested in what they 

have to say and praise them.

Image result for talk

Visit the library regularly choose

books with your children that interest

them or link to school work 

Image result for library clipart


Useful websites

You may find the following websites useful when supporting your child at home:


 BBC bitesize 



Spellings - Your child should have spelling and/or grammar homework each week - please ensure that you help your child with their homework and contact your child's class teacher if you have any questions about the work they have been given.

Reading - Each week your child is also expected to read their reading book - please make sure that you support your child with this either by listening to them read or, if they are an independent reader, asking them questions about what they have read - please see the booklet attached above for hints and tips for reading at home.