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On Friday 23rd June we took part in the celebrations of One Britain One Nation (OBON). It encouraged our children to be both proud and responsible citizens and helped them to understand the important role that they have to play in the country’s future. As part of the many activities which the children took part in, the children explored the British values of tolerance, respect, a belief in freedom and democracy.

It was a non-uniform day so our children wore red, white and blue clothes to symbolise our national flag - the Union Jack. To celebrate the diverse nature of our country, we shared Asian and traditional English snacks.

All of our children have been learning the national anthem and we started the day with the whole school singing the national anthem together in the playground (click here to see a video) 

We invited parents and carers to attend a celebration worship in which the children showcased some of the work which they produced during the day.

Reception showed the Union Jack flags that they had made.

Year 1 spoke about the work on unity that they had done, based on the book 'The Crayon Box that Talked'.

Year 2 concentrated on tolerance and mutual respect. They showed their own unique people that they had made and spoke about the ways in which they were all different but also alike. 

Year 3 stressed the importance of compassion and the relayed the importance of not judging people by their appearances. They did this through sharing the selfless acts that a homeless man, called Steve, did in order to help victims of the Manchester bombing.

Year 4 read an acrostic poem which they had written about diversity.

Year 5 shared their written versions of the picture book ‘Footpath Flowers’ by Jon Arno Lawson and Sydney Smith which celebrates the acts of giving and kindness, and the importance of small gestures. By paying attention to all sorts of places and people, the main character in the story makes the world a better place.  

Year 6 concentrated on the British value of democracy. They discussed the opening of parliament which they watched earlier in the week in preparation for OBON.

Mr. John Grogan MP visited the school during the celebrations and was asked questions by the pupils:  Click HERE to see the questions and response.